Simpich Character Doll Museum

The extraordinary Simpich Character Doll enterprise operated from this Old Colorado City building for nearly thirty years. Beautiful handmade figures were created here and shipped to points across the globe; and visitors were welcomed to tour the workshop areas where each character was painstakingly crafted. Because of skyrocketing production costs, in early 2007—after 54 years of production—doll artists Jan and Bob Simpich decided to close their business, thus preserving the distinct legacy of every Simpich Doll being handmade in Colorado.

THE SIMPICH DOLL MUSEUM now carries Bob and Jan’s amazing endeavor to a new dimension as the intricate history and remarkable artistry of their joint effort is explored and celebrated. Over fifty diorama exhibits carry visitors from the early 1950’s where the dolls were made in a tiny cottage in Manitou Springs through the mid 2000’s where the Simpich Doll operation peaked in artistry and complexity. Many exceptionally rare and one-of-a-kind figures are displayed, as well as creation processes, unusual memorabilia and family heirlooms. Many displays are scheduled to rotate to accommodate appropriate space for the nearly 500 distinct characters in the Simpich family’s collection, which remains the largest and most comprehensive in existence.

Also on display is A GALLERY ON STRINGS, displaying a large variety of performing marionettes from the Simpich repertoire of string-puppet productions.

Visitor Info:

Admission: $3 Per Person 

Tuesday - Sunday: 12pm - 6pm
Closed Monday