Simpich Character Doll Consignment Service

Simpich Showcase welcomes excellently maintained Simpich figures that you wish to consign into our Museum Store and Online Doll Shop. Once your dolls are approved and delivered to us, we will work with you on establishing a price that is competitive in today’s market, but will maintain and/or advance the value of your figures in the secondary market. We will also handle the photography, sale and shipping of all figures. All consigned pieces must be in pristine condition– free of chips, stains, broken pieces and odors– for Simpich Showcase to offer them. Excellent “vintage pieces,” which have naturally aged in their clothing and painting to display an “antiqued look,” are invaluable additions to our offerings and our welcomed!

Consignment Procedure:

Initially, please call us at 719.465.2492 to discuss the pieces you are interested in consigning or fill out the form below. We are unable to accept or consider pieces that are brought into our gallery without an appointment. Debby Simpich is our consignment specialist, and can usually be reached by phone in the afternoons on regular business days. She will let you know if we can accept your pieces based on quality, your financial expectations and the space we have available in house. In some cases, we may be overstocked on certain figures, but will place your name and items on our waiting list to be approved, brought in or shipped to us at a later date.

Note On Simpich Dolls In Need Of Repair: Sometimes a figure you might wish to consign with us cannot be approved because of a break, chip, stain or other repair need. We will be happy to refer you to a Simpich Character Doll restoration specialist who will work directly with you on the repair before it is consigned into our shoppe. However, Simpich Showcase is not able to work as a “middle man” for these repair procedures, and damaged dolls cannot be shipped or delivered to us before the repair work is done. In many cases, even major damage to a Simpich figure can be addressed by a restoration specialist, but the cost for this must be discussed directly with her/him. Unfortunately, Simpich Dolls that have been nearly destroyed by fire, smoke, flood or other extreme conditions cannot always be salvaged.

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