Simpich Showcase of Colorado Springs is celebrating its tenth year of operation with a gala to be held May 31 through June 2. Open to the public, the festivities will include fresh exhibits in the museum and revisioned gallery, award-winning marionette performances, special offers on Simpich figurines in the art center’s new doll shop, prizes, signings, refreshments and giveaways.

“This will be a great opportunity for our family to come forward and thank our community and loyal patrons for their support in helping us move forward over this past decade,” says puppeteer and founder David Simpich.  He, along with his wife, Debby, and two sons, Kemper and Toby, have carefully taken the reins of an artistic enterprise that began in 1952.  “My parents, Bob and Jan Simpich, dedicated themselves for over fifty years to their doll-making enterprise. Their creations were made here and shipped all over the world!  When they retired in 2007, our family wasn’t sure at first how or if their artistry could continue.   But our art center has proven to be a great avenue for preservation, as well as exploration.”  

Simpich Showcase is housed in the buildings that were once the acclaimed character doll workshop.  Visitors can now tour the past in the elaborate museum, but are also invited to experience many new avenues of expression the family is exploring.  

In addition to the repertoire of live marionette plays David presents in the theatre, Kemper Simpich is currently featuring his vivid landscape photography in the revisioned gallery; along with Bob Simpich’s acclaimed paintings.  “My Dad is 93 now and is planning on attending our special anniversary event to autograph dolls and discuss his work,” says David.  “We are all really thankful that Simpich Showcase has been a place to carry on our family tradition in ways we couldn’t have imagined.”



  • 20% Off All Pieces in Our Character Doll Shop

  • Opportunities to meet David Simpich after each performance

  • Doll signings by Robert Simpich

  • Brand New Displays in the Character Doll Museum

  • Give aways of posters, books and Fine Art Prints!


The Hans Christian Andersen Storybook

Interweaving seven of Andersen’s classic fairy tales, this solo theatre piece explores and celebrates the themes of Denmark’s premier storyteller. The Ugly Duckling takes center stage to live out and discuss his troubling storyline with his author (portrayed by puppeteer David Simpich). Other Andersen characters including the Little Match Girl, Thumbelina and the Steadfast Tin Soldier join in to share their tales as well and cheer the duckling on towards his story’s profound conclusion.

  • Friday May 31: 6pm

  • Saturday June 1: 2:30pm

  • Sunday June 2: 2:30pm

Admission: $22 For Adults / $19 For Children
General Admission


The Simpich Showcase Theatre has a handicapped access entrance and a seating area reserved for wheelchairs and patrons with special sight and hearing needs. Arrangements for these must be made in advance of the performance by calling our box office at (719)465-2492

Runtime is 90 minutes and includes a 10 minute intermission.